Which MA towns have the highest tax rates in 2022?

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The average single-family property tax bill in Massachusetts in 2022 is $6,719, up $347 from the previous year, according to a recent report conducted by the Division of Local Services, Massachusetts Department of Revenue. The average tax rate in Massachusetts is now $14.58 for every $1,000 in assessed property value.

Towns and cities with the highest tax rates are not necessarily those with the highest tax bills. The assessed value of the homes is also part of the equation. The highest tax rate in the state goes to Longmeadow, a town near Springfield, which has an annual tax rate of $24.64, but the average home value is $392,945, putting the average tax bill at $9,682. 

The highest tax bills in Massachusetts are in many communities outside of Boston within the 495 beltway. Weston, which has an average home value of $1,777,218 has an average tax bill of $22,766 the highest in the state. The town of Brookline comes in second, with an average tax bill of $20,492 and an average home value of $2,011,023.

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